WMB Financial Solutions, the parent company of WMB General Contractors (WMB GC), was founded in 2005 by Gina and Franck Waota. WMB Financial Solutions started as a financial service company, eventually growing the practice to more than 1,300 clients and two offices in San Francisco and Sacramento, California. Looking for new challenges and opportunities, we expanded into the construction and real estate sectors in 2010. Today, we are a complete building management service. WMB GC designs, builds, and renovates residential and commercial properties. But our expertise goes well beyond construction. We also provide our clients with solutions for:

  • Building maintenance and operations.
  • Space design.
  • Commercial Furniture.
  • Move management.

  • We bring you the best talent to build, maintain, expand, and enjoy your home or your business property. We make YOUR VISION OUR MISSION. We look forward to working for you.